Friday, February 5, 2010

Under the same moon

The snow is coming down here again! We are expected to get 12 inches by tomorrow. I feel like I live in the north pole. Another storm is moving in Tuesday. We never get this much snow. Because of that, things kinda shut down here, roads are not plowed very fast, and we are stuck at home. After all this snow I definately have cabin fever, especially since we were sick at the beginning of the week, and preschool was cancelled this week. Yesterday we did get out to Target and a fun place called Romp n Roll where the kids can run and play. Similar to gymboree. At least they got some wiggles out. Today I plan on making Chex muddy buddy mix with the boys (yum) and we will do some art stuff.
On my snowed in weekend, I am going to finally write our "dear birthmother" letter to send to Korea. I bought stationary yesterday for this. Our agency in Korea requires this letter along with 8-10 photos of us and our home. I have already written a rough draft, but I am sure when I write the actual letter I will need plenty of kleenex. I am not sure if Leah's birthmother will ever actually read the letter, but I hope she does. I want her to know her daughter will be loved and cherished.
Because of all this cabin fever, I have done a little Etsy shopping. Look at my beautiful new piece of jewelry. "Under the same moon." Leah and I are under the same moon, even if she is still in the womb. Praying for you, my sweet little girl.


  1. we're getting more snow too! i love the necklace... great choice!

  2. Love your jewelry!
    And I hear ya on the cabin fever thing. Ugh, winter.

  3. That's a beautiful necklace!!!

    I made my hubby do the first draft of the letter... I couldn't handle it. The trade was that I would do the update letters to the FM and the Agency. It's not any easier and I _totally_ thought it would be!

  4. Awe, such a sweet necklace. Good luck with your letter...I'm sure it will be beautiful. I've written 3 to Little D's birth mother...and hope one day she reads them.

  5. That necklace is lovely and so perfect. It's wonderful that your agency requires a "dear birth mother" letter. We didn't have to do it, but will be writing one's hard to know where to start. I get teary just thinking about it.



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