Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I feel human

Again. Ahhhhhh......
So a recap for you. Saturday it snowed 8 inches here and the kids played (photos to come later tonight) and had a blast. Sunday everything was cancelled but we had to get out of the house so we did a Walmart run. When we got home Jack kept telling me his tummy hurt. Around 3pm he started throwing up everywhere. Just in the knick of time for Daniel to be at the gym and not home to help me clean it up and keep Anderson clear. About 3 throw-ups later Daniel shows up, tells me he feels sick and immediately starts throwing up. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up yucky yucky stuff then laid my head down on my pillow at 8pm, happily, fell asleep and woke up 15 minutes later feeling sick. It begins for me. I throw up all night. Jack woke up every 30 min. or so (he sleeps in our room in his toddler bed) (trying to get him back to his own room but not working) wanting juice or a popcicle ALL NIGHT LONG. Yesterday (Monday) I felt like death and Daniel did, too but Jack was really happy and bounced back from this thing much faster than us. Daniel lost 6lbs. in 12 hours!!! I lost 2 (probably have already gained it back) Most of today I felt crummy but I am started to feel better.
What a weekend. It is snowing here AGAIN and they are calling for 18 inches this weekend. Holy Cow.
It is flashback Anderson picture day. ;)


  1. glad you're starting to feel better! what a mess!!! yeah, we have tomorrow off of school again... and they're calling for more snow for us here this weekend too. but not 18"!!!

  2. OK, is it really bad that I'm super jealous of the 6-pound loss in 12 hours? Wow! But seriously I'm sorry you all got sick at the SAME TIME. That sucks! I'm glad you are back to normal ....

  3. Wow, you all got hit hard. Glad you are feeling better.

  4. Oh.my.word. Poor lady! Treat yourself to something special now that you're feeling better!!!



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