Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stairs and fun


Anderson loves the stairs - Jack helping him up

This is what Anderson does when he wants help and he also grunts "UUGGHHH"

Jack and his artwork


  1. Your boys look so sweet together! Are they buddies?

  2. Good buddies - more and more as time goes on......

  3. i love pictures of your boys :-)

  4. They really are just so adorable. Your Anderson looks just like my friend's son Jordan - it's crazy!

  5. What are they wearing? I must get some of those clothes for Ben. ADORABLE!

  6. Anderson has on a Carter's outfit from Kohl's and Jack has on a shirt from Target and pants from Old Navy. I get most of their things from those stores. (I love gymboree the most but it can be pricy....but they do have some cute stuff from there)



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