Saturday, March 26, 2011

{ DMZ }

Yesterday we went on the DMZ tour, or Demilitarized Zone at the North Korean Border. It was another adventure. Driving to the DMZ was very interesting. I learned much about the tensions between the North and the South. It is quite sad. Our tour guide said the South Koreans very much want unity with the North. They love them and are family to them. But she said the North want nothing to do with them. She said for years they sent rice to the North, only to learn they were selling the rice to buy weapons. We learned another tunnel from the North was found only two weeks ago. There are 5 tunnels now the South has found that the North have dug to try to invade Seoul. They think there are many more. When we started to be able to actually see into the northern mountains, you could see the landscape completely change. There were no trees to be seen. They chop them all down for wood to heat their homes.
Here is Daniel at lunch. There were actually bugs being cooked on stoves. He ordered some type of noodles, but they were ice cold. He also tried some squid, which he said was very good. My lunch consisted of a coca cola and cookies. I am not a seafood eater and none too adventurous.

The Peace Bell. A symbol of the peace the South hopes to have with the North. Beautiful.

Standing with the girl guard. I just have to point out i have not gained 20 lbs. It was so cold I had on warm leggins under my jeans, a turtleneck, jacket, then another jacket over that.

Dorasan Station. The south built this station in hopes of reunification with the North. It is beautiful. Inside the station there is a whole map of a railway line they hope to put into place. They want to be able to take the rail thru China and into Europe. I was quite amazed the South built the station with the North still trying to invade them constantly. It just showes the hope they have for reunification.


  1. This was one thing we didn't do while we were there. It looks really interesting. We've watched a few documentaries & have done some reading about the relationship between South & North Korea. It is so sad to read/hear about families ripped apart by the divide of Korea.

  2. Isn't it a great tour? We did it as well when in Seoul. Such an important part of the Korean culture.

  3. Playing catch up on your posts! It's been busy here so I've mostly been following along on facebook. So excited that you have Annelise.
    I have to say that this DMZ post is terrific! I really appreciate your insight about how much the South wants to reunite with the North. It's so beautiful and sad. Praying that it turns beautiful and happy in the future! Prayers for your flight! Yikes! Thinking of you!



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