Thursday, March 31, 2011

day 4 or 5 with annelise

Because of the 13 hr jump with Korea time, I am confused as to how long we have had custody. I think it is 5 days? Lol. Last night was hard. She has her days/nights in a jumble. She screamed a lot of the night. I think I got 3 hrs sleep. Let's just not talk about it. So today she mapped for 3 hrs total. But seeing as how she basically did not sleep last night, I am hoping tonight will go better. She is in our bed because that is what she is used to, but flops and kicks like crazy. I can't wait till I can move her to a crib. I feel like no one has enough room. Queen bed. But today I did see a few smiles out of her. She is still scared and really wants to be carried everywhere. She will play on the floor a little if I am very close by her. Poor baby, I know this is so hard on her. Will try to catch up on posts about Korea and pictures this weekend. Daniel went back to work today, so,I am proud to say I took care of all 3 kids by myself all day. Whew. Praying each day brings her peace and me understanding.


  1. Ohhh, those first days home are a total tired, very little least when it is "supposed" to happen. We bought an extra mattress at IKEA and put it on the floor in our room in the corner. That way ONE of us could sleep with D on the mattress and the other could sleep in our usual bed. We took turns sleeping with him (or walking the floors with him in the it was most nights for a while). I knew we couldn't do all 3 of us in one queen size bed. Hang in there!!

  2. This time is sooooo exhausting, so draining, and so trying of the last shred of patience you have. Get through the day, minute by minute, try and steal a few seconds for yourself as much as you can, and just remember that you can, and will, get through this!

  3. I know this can't be an easy time...I'm praying the adjustment continues to get better and everyone settles in!

  4. Great job taking care of all three kids! The first few weeks were a living nightmare for me. But somehow I got through it. Like Elizabeth said, take it minute by minute. Try to fing humor in it. You can do it!

  5. Thank you so much for posting your Korea adventure. We are adopting as well and I am learning so much from your posts!

  6. I can totally sympathize since we were just recently there! I remember only getting 2 or 3 hours of sleep for a couple weeks. I NEED sleep! Impressive that you had all three on your own! WOW!
    We just held her in our laps until she was comfortable to get out of our lap on her own. Oh for a bed! We are still on the floor in her room! She is in her bed and we laugh often because the dog jumps up there with her and there we are on the hard floor. Good luck! I will keep checking back in to see how you guys are!



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