Friday, March 25, 2011

{ The airplane ride }

{ I wrote this on scrap paper in the airplane! }

I am writing this blog post at 34,000 feet in the air. We have 388 miles to go to Seoul. 1 hr. 5 more minutes. This is a looong flight. 14 hrs. something. So what have I done? I have watched 3 movies, 2 Friends episodes and 1 everybody loves raymond episode. I have eaten 2 meals, a gazillion snacks (hey, what else is there to do?) drank tons of water and used the restroom about 9 times. The Korean air flight attendants are awesome. Korean Air rocks. They also served us rolls for a snack. I was not hungry, but took one anyway. Oh my, they were filled with this hot beef mixture and were delicious! There are 4 cute Korean babies and toddlers near us and I have watched them most of the trip. I got the flight attendants to teach me a little Korean. Oh, and I slept uncomfortably for 3 hours. My legs are aching but our red carryon we stowed has been "moved" apparently and we can't find it. It has my tylenol and seoul guide in it. grrrrr..
Takeoff was quite scarry. I have not flown for over 8 years. A bit afraid. I just kept repeating in my head "this is for her, this is for her" and I calmed down after we were airborn. 59 minutes to go - almost there!


  1. Ugh, those flights are so long (and I had it easy because I'm from Seattle). You're sure to have plenty to do on your way home :)

  2. Ugh, that flight is soooo long. The flight back seems even longer....

  3. Ahhh, this brings back memories of that LONG (!) flight. I also wrote notes in my journal from way up there. The 14 hrs passes much more quickly on the way back. Like Sarah said, lots more to occupy your time & attention. ;-)

  4. OMG! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH (can you tell I am screaming?) So glad I checked in today. I am so excited for you. Go get your girl!!!



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