Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My baby is almost two!!

I don't know where the time has gone, but on Saturday Anderson will be two years old. !!! I am still not quite realizing this. I told the photographer on the phone that he was almost one. It did not hit me until later that was all wrong. To me, he is my baby still. Happy "almost" birthday little man. I will share all the party pictures from Saturday this weekend. :)

Funny things Anderson is saying:
whatru doin?
i do it!
elmo poop, cookie poop (thanks to our Elmo goes potty dvd)
baaaaany (for Barney, his favorite dinosaur)
Baby aaul (for his cousin baby Paul)
moomey (for money, he loves his large pretend change)
eaad (for read) and eaad cookie (for read his cookie monster book)
fica! (for fish)

Anderson has tons of new words and tiny phrases. He seems to be having a word explosion. Each day he picks up one or two new words.

On a side note, it was this time a year ago when I really started thinking about adopting. Daniel told me that after Anderson turned one we would discuss it. So I was gearing up to discuss. :)


  1. wow! i can't believe he's almost 2!!! i still think of him as a baby too :-)

  2. Happy almost birthday Anderson! So cute! I can completely understand having trouble coming to grips with your boy getting bigger!

    Amazing to see that dream as it's becoming a reality! Sending up a prayer for your family!

  3. What a cutie!!! We're having a word explosion over here as well... Fun! Happy birthday Anderson!!!

  4. Cherish these sweet to think that he will be a big brother soon!



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