Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bee-bim bop

I have heard wonderful things about this book. Yesterday, I ordered it for Leah. I can't wait to get it and read it. Have you heard about this book? Have any other great Korean book ideas for kids?

I am really really wanting to order Leah's room things, like her crib, changing table, rocking chair, and baby bedding. I just keep looking over sites, picking out different bedding that I like. I think I have decided her room colors will be light pink and light green, with maybe some hot pink thrown in there. I am trying to think of things to do to keep me occupied during this wait. I think decorating her room is a great idea, but I am trying so hard to wait until referral. I suppose it may make me sad to have this wonderful room all ready, with no baby to sleep in it. I wish I could sew or knit so I could make her something. Maybe I need to check out a class on that. Well, I have taken a knitting class before, and I am not very skilled. My scarf looked kinda pitiful. Any ideas on good things to do during this wait?

I would love to learn some Korean, but am not sure where to start. I guess I could start gathering the gifts I will need for her foster parents and others when I do travel. (which feels at this point like that will be years away....)

I am actually starting to go a bit nutty. As in, second guessing the pictures I sent to Korea of our family. Wishing I would have scrapbooked them and thinking I will not be matched with a baby very quickly because my pictures are not super amazing looking. This is nutty, I know. Oh and people need to stop calling me with the area code of our social worker. I about hyperventalated yesterday when her area code popped up. I was thinking "this is it." Then: big let down.

So those of you waiting, how are you holding up? I am excited for the many referrals and dossier's that have gone to Korea this past week. It is fun to watch adoption progress!!


  1. Hi Elisabeth--We recently connected through FB--w. the other SWS (Barker families).

    We're actually w. another agency that uses SWS...

    I just had to comment on this post because I could have written it myself! We've been waiting for 4 months and almost 2 weeks!...and the wait is driving me nutty too! I caved and bought a crib this afternoon!

    I'm actually Korean myself and if there's anything you wanted to know about the culture (food, words, etc)...let me know and I'll try to help!

    take care,

  2. OK, I'm out of time (Spencer is climbing all over me)... but we *love* that book!!!

    And, every time I got anxious, I worked on a blanket for charity... it definitely did help. Maybe try crocheting? I hear it's easier than knitting???


  3. Thanks Kelly! I hope you get your referral soon. I am caving soon...

  4. Definitely learn some Korean! talktomeinkorean.com is an excellent, free place to start. I need to get that up and going again soon. Also, I think it's a GREAT idea to take a class so that you can make your daughter something. What a great way to occupy your brain and time :)

  5. Elisabeth - Big hugs! I can only imagine seeing the area code and the disappointment to follow! I was thinking that I should program their actual # into my phone so I will specifically know if they are calling (I had a telemarketer call my cell from that area code the other day - I didn't REALLY think it was it since it's only been 6 weeks but I was mad!).

    I just started listening to Pimsleur Korean CD's - awesome, I definitely recommend them!

  6. Hey Elisabeth! HANG IN THERE! I know the feeling and we've just begun our wait! I'm really no help... whenever I get ansty, I do retail therapy... it has landed me with a closet full of very pink, very girly outfits I have found clearanced at various stores. I just hope some of them will actually fit her since I'm totally guessing on sizes!!! I did take up crocheting and made a beanie style hat for our daughter. I found a super easy pattern on etsy with only a few basic stitches and figured it out myself. The hat also had flowers on the side, so now I know how to crochet flowers that I can use for headbands, etc... You can see the picture of it and if you click on it it will take you to the link at Esty. Go to my blog and click on February in the archives. It was fun and passed the time!

  7. Oh Elizabeth you are getting closer! We have that book as well and, if I may, pass along another good one called "I Wish You a Beautiful Life" It's a collection of foster parent and agency photos. I must have looked at it a thousand times while waiting for Lily.

  8. It's a great book - you will love it! Another good book - not Korean, but Chinese adoption is I Love You Like Crazy Cakes - so beautiful.
    Good to keep moving ahead - your turn will be soon!



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