Sunday, August 1, 2010

Get away

OOooooohhhhhh. I am starting to get very excited. Daniel and I have just planned a "kid free" getaway this Friday night. Kids are going to Grammy's and Papa's. We are spending the night away!! I am a) nervous b) thrilled c) nervous.
I have never left my almost 2 year old overnight before. Daniel and I have only been on one overnight get away in the past five years, sans both kids and it was within 5 minutes of Grammy and papa's house when Jack was 2. I think we need to leave Anderson for at least a few little overnight stays before I travel to Korea, so this will be good for him, and me.
And I suppose it will be ridiculously good for our marriage. We don't get away from our two darling boys very often. We celebrate 7 years being married this October, so this will be our celebration. I am even thinking I should go get my nails done Thursday. :)
Given this is a public blog, I don't want to disclose the location, but will share all about it when we get back. Let's just say BED and BREAKFAST.


  1. Have fun! That's a great thing to do! Our first get away together (just the two of us) in many years will be Korea. Kinda strange. Hope the weekend goes well. Enjoy the time together!

  2. You so deserve it! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!

  3. That sounds fabulous! You so deserve this! Definitely get your nails done :)



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