Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We have hit the three month mark of our paperwork being in Korea. How am I holding up, you ask? I have my good moments, and my sad moments. Emotionally tired of waiting. But trying to stay upbeat knowing the timing will be perfect. I said trying. 3 mos. Is really not that long. We may have another 5 to go, worst case scenario. I am not expecting to hear my phone ring soon, and I need to feel that way to cope. I can't even imagine how it will feel to see my baby's face. Surely time will stand still as I fall in love. My heart holds a place for her. She is never far from my thoughts. Is it selfish to pray to see her face soon?


  1. Not selfish at all!!! I feel like you are definitely at the halfway mark!

  2. The Lord already knows your heart..and it is a momma's heart that He has created in you that is able to already love your daughter as much as you do before seeing or getting to hold her!! What a beautiful example of His love through Christ that loves us while we are still sinners and have nothing to offer him. Keep trusting in Him. I think your desire to see your daughter is inspiring and encouraging!

  3. In keeping with what Kelly wrote - God loved us before we were even knit together in the womb, so there's no reason you can't love your daughter before you've seen her face. You loved your sons before seeing theirs. ;) It's very similar in many ways.

    Hope to hear some good news soon! I have moments where I dream of that day and seeing our child's face, but I remind myself that it won't be until 2011 that we get the call (I can hope that it's sooner but likely...). Fortunately summer, fall, and Christmas time are all very busy so hoping that time will move a bit quickly! :)

  4. Hoping that 3 months is *more* than halfway :)

  5. I just can't WAIT until you see her photo .... I'm hoping it's soon!

  6. Not selfish at are her mom after all!



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