Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yay July!!!

(Anderson sharing his sippy with cousin Paul, won't he be a good big brother?

One more month down! Goodbye June. :)
I talked to Barker, our adoption agency, and the wait for referral has gotten a few months longer. They are averaging 6 months from dossier to Korea to referral. So, we are down 2, hopefully 4 to go. October is one of my favorite favorite months, so an October referral would fit in nicely. Of course, July could easily become my favorite month if anyone listening would like to match us this month. (smile)
Something that made me ridiculously happy is in my email from Barker, I was told to enjoy our family vacation of 4 this summer, because next summer our vacation will be as a family of 5.
We are vacationing to Florida in July and I am so excited to get the boys trunks, pails and gear together. We really need some family time and I can not wait to see Anderson and Jack's reaction to the ocean.
So happy July everyone!


  1. Happy July, indeed! Si LOVED every.single.second of the ocean and beach. I'm sure your boys will love it, too!

    Every day brings you closer to Leah....hoping you know just who she is very soon!

  2. What a sweet sentiment from Barker! We never had that feeling of our "last summer" since we didn't have any real idea of what our timeframes would be like... so, yes, enjoy!

  3. Hi Elisabeth,
    I wanted to thank you for helping us in our fundraising with your bag purchase. I am sure that these next few months will go quickly, enjoy them before you and your husband are out numbered!! We are waiting for our home study to be approved so we can move on to the next step!
    Have a great time in Florida and be sure to post some fun beach pictures!

  4. Hey, I forgot to ask you if I could add your blog to my blog list. I think people, especially my family, would like seeing another Korea adoption. It is exciting to know we are about 4-5 months behind you. Let me know, thanks!!

  5. We did buy coffee...I needed some for my "got love?" mug!!! It is really good! I do hope you like the bag. It may seem a bit stiff at first, but it softens up nicely after carting it around. I am sure your books will break it in!! Take care!

  6. Keep in mind that Barker always tends to give the worst case scenario ;-)

  7. Thanks Sandra for the info. They said they were coming in at 4 mos, and since you got yours then, i figured them now saying 6 mos. meant 6 mos. What did they quote you for referral?

  8. Kelly, that was so sweet of you!! It is really yummy coffee. We love it!

  9. where in FL? We live in FL, you know!!

  10. Barker told us 6-8 months to referral and it was 3.. they also told us 6 months to travel after referral and it was 2 (traveled late May) our last vacation as a family of 3 had to be canceled :) Yes, they always try to give worst case.

    Hope you get your referral soon!

  11. Wow fast!!_
    Thanks for the info and congrats!

  12. You'll see, the summer is going to fly by with those boys. Hang in there. BTW, every time I use my coffee mug I think how you are one day closer!!



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