Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Yesterday I saw two beautiful butterflies in our driveway. I thought to myself that was odd. I have not seen any butterflies since the Spring with this heat. Then they just seemed to hover above me, flying all around Jack and I. Jack was so excited. I could not help but think it was some type of sign about our adoption. I could be reading into it, but I don't care. They were beautiful and hovered over us for quite a while. I had to blog about it to see if anything really neat happened yesterday with Leah that I will find about it the future!!

A little update:
SO after I post this I go outside to water my flowers. I am standing there thinking about signs, and how silly I am for writing about how I saw two butterflies flying around me and it is a sign. Something flies right by me and yes, it is another beautiful butterfly. It hovers about the flowers I am watering while I try to recollect if I have seen any butterflies in our yard. Nope, have not seen a one since we moved in early Spring. It looked exactly like the butterflies I saw yesterday. Beautiful yellow with spots. It just makes me wonder....


  1. Oh, I am a big believer in signs... so I think there's something more here!

  2. Definitely means something ... I can't wait until you can look back and know *exactly* what it meant :)

  3. Who knows?!? :) Sounds beautiful. If nothing else it's a gift from God to give you something positive and beautiful to concentrate on in this wait. A sign that He is with you and He takes care of and transforms all of us!



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