Thursday, July 8, 2010

I think we need to spring for another.......



  1. these things are POPULAR!!! everyone has a cozy coupe!!! i guess we need to keep our eye out for one :-)

  2. where did you buy it? I want to get one too..but I'm out of the loop on who sells them. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a nice one at a garage sale this summer.

  3. is this the fire engine one? Awesome! I love all the different versions of the cc. Max has the police car as I think you know... but we haven't gotten him in there yet. These two are hilarious. Before you know it, you'll have Leah hanging off the back :)

  4. Brooke, we got that coupe at toys r us over a year ago on sale. :)
    Kelly, yes, fire engine. :) Max will love his!

  5. Oh my goodness! I think those two boys DO need to CC's to race! I cannot show this photo to D...he'll be on top of his before I know it.



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