Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The wait

FLASHBACK PHOTO - the day we sent in our application to adopt. Oct. 2, 2009 :) (and wow, Anderson looks little!)
The wait till referral for me has its ups and downs. One minute I am completely giddy about the fact that the phone will ring in the fall (hopefully) telling us we have a daughter. In another minute I will be in a panic thinking about leaving Anderson and Jack for a whole week. It is a crazy roller coaster ride of emotions. But watching all my bloggy friends get their referrals, travel calls (GO Kelly!) and pick up their babies (yea Elizabeth!), makes me ridiculously excited for when our time comes.
I try to go about my day with the boys normally,and truth be told they keep me on my toes and super busy, but when nap time or bedtime comes, all I think about is Leah. I wonder how old she is, who is taking care of her, what she looks like, how her birthmother is coping, when we will get our referral, when we will travel, etc. etc. The questions go on and on in my head.
So those that have already gotten referrals, how did you cope with the waiting? And those of you in my boat, how are you doing?
I have to say this is easier so far than the wait for our 1-600A approval. That about put me over the edge. I guess that wait was 11 weeks total but for some reason I just wanted the paperwork in Korea so bad it made me nuts. Now at least I know our dossier is THERE and any day someone could match us to our daughter. :)


  1. All I can say is that I put on 12 pounds from chocolate and wine while waiting... It's so worth it though!

  2. I focused on trying to do fun things with hubby, reading, getting the nursery all ready, and working out my arms!
    Praying for a perfect match in very short order!

  3. what number are you guys on the "list"? We are #19 but still waiting for out I-600A approval.

  4. Barker does not have numbers. They just give you an average timeframe. Currently they are saying 6 mos. Wait till referral, but some are getting them at 4 mos. I wish we had numbers!

  5. Holey moley! lucky for you guys! We were told around 17months from time of homestudy:( Kinda sucks when we have such limited options of agencies we can use.

  6. We're at that "finished the fingerprints, getting ready to camp out at the mailbox" wait for our I600A. Every little delay kills me! God is definitely teaching me patience in the wait! Hang in there! I know EXACTLY how you feel!

  7. i think that i started reading you right around the time that you posted this photo first time around!!!

    i wish that i had sound advice for you, what to do while you wait. rubin's referral came SO FAST, we weren't even expecting it. i didn't have much time at all to get oozy and anxious. but i always rest in the knowing that there is a reason and a plan for everything. you're in good hands. your referral will come when YOUR GIRL is ready. God has her picked out for you, and he has his eye on her.

  8. Hi Elisabeth! The long wait for our daughter (almost 2 years) just disappeared when her nanny handed her to me! I forgot all about the tears and frustration during our wait. Remembering that God's timing is perfect..and Leah will come home exactly when she is ready! Enjoy your boys!! This time with them is priceless!! Hang in there! Not sure how this blogging stuff works, but I would love to see some other Korea adoption blogs. (Maybe the ones that you mentioned, if they are public). Take care!

  9. Hi Elisabeth! I hope the referral wait is better than this (I-600a approval). I'm starting to stalk my mailman even though I know (especially after watching your wait) that it's not likely to actually happen yet (we're just past 6 weeks since fingerprinting).

    Thinking of you! Hope to hear good news about your baby girl soon!



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