Monday, June 7, 2010

Homemade to bring HER home

Adoption fundraiser!!!!
I am making my homemade delicious, moist, large pound cakes to raise money for our adoption! I am selling them for $15. (locally) I love to bake, and get rave reviews on my pound cakes, so I thought I would give this a shot!
I have already sold 3. :) And guess what? One of my cakes would go fabulous with the coffee (top left) we are selling for our adoption, also.
So local friends, let me know if I can make and deliver a cake for your family!
Blessings, Elisabeth

(But if you are not local, you can still buy our delicious coffee, and thanks to all you that already have!!)


  1. oh, HOW i am wishing that i were local... homemade vanilla pound cake?! YUM.

  2. Yum! Good luck :)

  3. Have you considered selling them from local coffee shops or cupcake shops? You never know, could be a big hit and for a great cause!

  4. Dina, great idea!! I will have to check into that. :)
    So far I have sold 9 today. woohoooo

  5. You know I'm going to make it so you ship as well... right?! ;-)

  6. If it fits, it ships, right? Have i ever mentioned i sold candles on ebay for years? I know how to ship!! Lol

  7. Yum...shipping would be great! Good idea about trying to sell them in local shops. Definitely worth a try....Good luck:)

  8. Or what about a farmer's market - or a good fundraiser for the boys at the end of the drive way with some lemondaid.



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