Friday, June 25, 2010

9 months

We are at 9 months waiting on our Leah. To me, this is kinda a big number. In a pregnancy, 9 is the number you are going for. A magical number when you are swollen, huge and tired. Something you really look forward to! But in adoption, 9 can just be a starting point. Or a mid-way point, in which case I am hoping for! Each month I can cross off I get more and more excited. We have to be getting somewhere, right? This part of the wait, you just kinda sit. Which can be good and bad. Not hearing from the agency on anything makes me wonder if I have just made this all up in my head. Not having the physical signs of pregnancy obviously makes it unknown to strangers that we are indeed expanding our family.
But being at the 9 month mark just kinda re-establishes in my mind that although this child is already loved, and will come into our family in one moment, just like my boys, this is different. I feel silly when I do buy little girl things. But yet I do it anyway. I am waiting on our referral before any big purchases, kinda like I did with the boys in the home stretches of pregnancy. But you should see inside Miss Leah's closet. Oh my. I will have to post a picture one day.
SOOOOO 9 months, YEA! We love you Leah and each month brings us closer to you, our wished for daughter.


  1. Whenever I get stressed dealing with our wait for our daughter, I do some "retail therapy"!! I have a closet full of pink clothes too! I think after only buying blue for the last 8 years, I'm so excited to buy some girly stuff... of course, I have totally taken advantage of all of the end of season sales and just HOPE most of it will fit her!! LOL!

    Its been 7 months, 3 weeks and 5 days for us... but who's counting?? :-)

  2. i hope you're not waiting many more months!!! you're DUE!!!

  3. I totally am with you guys on the clothes stuff! I cannot resist. By the time our baby gets here we will have more clothes than she needs...but hey who cares?!



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