Monday, June 21, 2010

Playroom/living room

This is the problem room which I have no idea what to do with

This is the cozy room with built ins that I love and have all my furniture in

So I have been obsessing over how to make the first living room in the house look less like a big jumbled mess. We have a futon in there and all the kids toys, plus a white bookshelf, oak stand with tv/vcr combo. There is a pretty fireplace with pictures of the kids over it. In the back of this house we have the back living room, with all our living room furniture. That room looks pretty good. But when you walk in the house, you see the front living room and it looks crazy. The front living room is the largest room, and some have suggested switching the two rooms so my actual living room furniture is in the place everyone sees first. But, I love the back cozy room. We love to sit in there and watch tv. And to the left of it is the screened porch, and the right is the deck.
Soooo.. it would be great to purchase an actual living room set for the front living room, but money is not growing on our beautiful trees here, and we have a good amount of saving to do in the next 3 months until referral. Any great ideas on what to do with the living room that is relatively cheap?


  1. I LOVE craigslist, it is amazing what kind of deals you can find...also garage sales and IKEA are great too.

  2. I second the first comment! Also, we have the couch and coffee table dividing the room and that faces the door, then everything else is behind it... so that can be a disaster and no one knows... we used the Ikea bookshelves and the itso storage cubes from T@rget and it works Soooo well. I can try to grab a few pics if you want?

  3. Pics would be great! Good ideas!



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