Saturday, February 26, 2011

St. Patty's Day Sensory Box

Today I made a Sensory Box for the boys. I am so proud of how well they like it. I got the idea here:
I already had the box, and I went to Michael's today and found cute little leprechan hats, green pom pom's, green bells, beads and braclets. I bought little green plates to stack things on, and a book on St. Patty's day from Barnes. Oh, I also found a green squishy ball from Michaels that smells like lime - they love it. Anyway, I love the idea, and I am going to switch the box theme every few weeks or so. They played with it for a good 45 minutes. I also had the boys go around the house and find green things to go in the box. They found 3 green cars, a green block and some other things. Fun idea! It was fun to watch jack make patterns on the carpet with all the shapes. Next up I am going to do an Easter box. And yea, they are in their jammies!

Anderson like to stack the bells in the hats

Kinda fuzzy, but Anderson was collecting as many green things as he could hold!


  1. I think Little D would LOVE this idea. I love the Easter idea for a box...I should start working on!



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