Wednesday, February 23, 2011

8 months

Yesterday my Annelise turned 8 months old. I am praying I do not miss another "month" birthday! Happy 8 months darling girl.
In USCIS news, our file is with them, and it has almost been a month. Please pray with me an officer approves our file. I spoke with a very kind officer on Friday who "may" be searching for our file. I have been praying non-stop since then that God would allow our file to fall in her hands. She was very sweet, and said she loves to approve Korean adoptions, because they are so easy to approve. So, very encouraging. I think God hand picked her to answer the phone when I called!
Once she (hopefully) approves our case, her supervisor approved it and they 2 day air it to the national visa center, where it goes NVC in. Then within 3 days ( i think) it goes NVC out. From there Korea issues her passport and some other things I am fuzzy on , like p3's happen. Once we get that 1-600 approval from USCIS in the mail, we travel usually in 2 weeks!!!!
God's timing is PERFECT. I have no idea why our 1-600 got kicked back to me before it left the lockbox location, but I know God does. Resting in his perfect timing. I am wondering if it was just so I could have that sweet officer look for our file. Thank you God for watching over this adoption.
And sweet little Annelise, I love you so. Praying it is not much longer before I can meet you.


  1. i hope that officer DOES find your file and clears you!

  2. Praying for a swift process and a quick travel call. I am in awe of your faith and your obedience. I hope to follow in your shoes SOON!! I get butterflies just thinking about it:)

    Thanks for you ENCOURAGING is so nice for others who adopt and have a heart for adoption to encourage one another. I already feel like you have helped me so much as we research agencies and get ready to take the plunge!!

    Thanks again!
    Praying for you SWEET girl!!


  3. I know how this wait is sooo hard but try to enjoy getting things ready for your little girl and for the trip of a lifetime. It's so exciting!

  4. Happy 8 months to your sweetie. Keep holding on to the fact that she'll be home at the perfect time!



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