Monday, February 14, 2011

He hears us when we call........

Last night, I woke up about 10 minutes after I feel asleep in a total panic that my child lives in Korea, and here I sit not being able to do one thing about it. I actually started having trouble breathing I was so so anguished. I began to pray my heart out to God. I prayed he would hear me calling for help, he would give me peace, and he would give me His strength to endure this wait. I prayed for him to watch over my daughter while I cannot. I fell back asleep sometime during my prayer.
Today I opened my mailbox and recieved our notice of action from USCIS saying they are processing our 1-600 right now. I called our agency to see how long they thought our approval would take. They did not think it would be long. THEN, the best part. Today our agency received updated pictures of Annelise Bitna complete with a DVD of her!!!! Oh my goodness. I am waiting now for the pictures to come to my email. HE HEARS OUR PRAYERS! God knew just how bad I needed some help. He knew today was the day I would be at my lowest point. He heard me cry out for peace. Thank you God, you continually amaze me with your love for me.
And just so you know, a dvd of your waiting child is VERY rare. And updated pictures with our agency this fast is also rare. No coincidence that today God chose to send me both.


  1. Praise God! Happy Valentine's Day! ;) Thinking of you.

  2. I have tears of joy for you. I remember those days when I felt that I couldn't get any lower, and God would show me that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I will be praying for a speedy process for your family. Congrats on the pics and video!

  3. He does hear us, we always know this, but its nice to be reminded right?! Amazing!!! Love you!!!

  4. This made me cry! God is so good!!! How amazing. I can't wait to see pictures and the DVD!!!! Yay sis!!!

  5. I am not sure if you saw this on Facebook, but it bears repeating (so I can hear and believe it, again!)...God can use the waiting time to mold us into the parents He needs us to be for the children He is sending our way.

    Let God use this time, in you and me, to prepare us for these new little ones that He is allowing us to be the mommies of.



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