Thursday, May 27, 2010

Too many dinosaurs

Wow, I had crazy dreams last night. My boys love dino's and I think I may have been overexposed in the past few years. Last night in my dream a baby dino had gotten loose in our house and I was desperately trying to catch it while it grew bigger and bigger. :)
Today I am taking the boys to the children's museaum and taking my camera, so I will have something to show you all. It is a great museum and afterwards I think we will swing by the cupcake shop - mmmmmm....


  1. My goodness, that first photo is adorable!

  2. I love both those photos - your little dinosaurs are very cute :)

  3. I love that they are into dinos. We had that obsession with my 8 yr old when he was around 4 thru 6. It will be so lovely to have some dolls to trip over soon too!!!



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