Sunday, May 23, 2010

Are you doing this because you want a girl?

I get asked this almost every time I share with someone we are adopting a precious baby girl from South Korea. It took me by surprise the first time it happened and I have been struggling with the right answer ever since. Well hmmmm... let's try to explain my heart. I feel God has been leading my heart to adoption for years. And for some reason it is always the face of a little Asian girl that came to mind. Always. I think the Lord softens the hearts of his people. I know the Lord has known for all time the a little girl was meant for our family. And she was to be adopted. Just as he knew throughout all time that I was meant for the family that adopted me. Perhaps that happened just so my heart would be softened to adoption. I mean, I can have biological children. I am perfectly healthy and he has blessed us with two beautiful boys that are the spitting image of their father. Life is perfect. I saw the face of God the day my boys were born. I looked at them and have never felt the kind of love I felt that day. I would have died for them on the spot if needed to save and protect them. I have already started to love Leah that way. I think of her all the time and miss her. When I meet her for the first time, I can only envision having a similar experience as the day my boys were born. For all that have adopted before me, hearing them recount that day, I know they felt the same. And it is a beautiful love.
So to get back to the question people ask about why we are doing this, no, it is not just so I can have a girl. Yes, it will be fun to have all the pink ruffles. Yes, it will be wonderful to have a buddy who gets tea parties. I also think God knows how my heart will be blessed to see adoption come around again. All my questions "did my birthmom really love me?" have actually already been answered. Even the "do my parents love me like their biological daughter?" have been answered thru this almost 8 month journey. I know deep in my heart I will love Leah the same as my boys. No question about it. And I also mourn for the loss her birthmother is experiencing.
When we started this adoption journey I was scared. As in I could not sleep for days. Question after question kept swirling in my head. Fear was huge. The unknown was huge. "Why would I mess up what I have?" That thought haunted me for a good week. But I kept praying, kept hearing the voice of God. I felt like he was telling me to step up. There are so so many orphans out there. The price of adoption is great, but money is just a monetary thing. God provides. As soon as we sent in our application I felt this huge huge peace come over my life. I knew that this was going to be one of my biggest blessings in life. I can't fathom missing this opportunity.
Are you wondering if you can adopt? Do you feel that tugging at your heart? Don't miss this blessing! Do you feel your heart beat fast when you read about adoption or see the face of an orphan now in a loving home? Or see the face of an orphan that needs a home? Step out in faith. If God calls he will provide. These orphans are His children.
So to sum it all up, we are adopting because we can't NOT. Once you have the heart of the orphan on YOUR heart you will never be the same. I pray thru our adoption many more will see the blessings of Leah and open their hearts and homes.
This joy, this peace, this excitement can be yours! Waiting to bring home a precious child brings me closer to the heart of God. After all, we are HIS children. He wants to bring us home to Him. The circle of life. If you are reading this grappling with starting an adoption, please GO FOR IT!
I am available by email or phone to chat if you want to speak to me about adoption. What are you waiting for???? 147 million orphans are in our world. Give one a home!!!

“I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do, I can do. And by the grace of God, I will.”
Edward Everett Hale


  1. I have been following your blog recently and am really enjoying it. I also am a mother of two biological boys and we too are adopting a baby girl from Korea. This post really touched me. I feel exactly the same. Beautiful post! Beautiful blog!



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