Saturday, May 22, 2010


Daniel is upstairs with the kids, and I am supposed to be organizing our basement, but I had to take a little break. It is overwhelming but I see huge progress. :)
I wanted to share some thoughts I have been having about adoption. I have been thinking alot about Leah's birthmother. Having a feeling she is born, and I think she has been born recently, has made me thing about the kind of situation that has put her birthmom in. Did she get to cuddle Leah? Was it an excruciating decision to make? (I am 100% sure it was) How is she coping? How do you say goodbye to a child?
On the other hand, I am so happy I think she is alive and out there. (Leah) I pray for her daily and hope her foster parents (or perhaps she is in the baby room still at SWS) are loving her to pieces. I miss her. And I am grateful to everyone that is taking care of her. And praying for her birthmother.
Adoption brings on an amazing amount of emotions. Having had two pregnancies, I can see the similarities. But I also can see how with the amazing blessing Leah will bring us, there is also a huge loss for her and her birthmother. Her country, her culture, and having that link to another human being of the same blood. Being adopted myself, I have felt that missing piece, yet I have also felt the enormous love of a family. I pray Leah will understand all the love that went into her. I love you Leah. And I miss you terribly.


  1. Adoption is *definitely* a very emotional, consuming experience!

  2. it's so true: adoption has so many different emotions... back and forth, up and down, all at the same time... whew!

  3. I know, some many complex emotions that I have felt too. Sorry if you've already told us this, but I don't recall knowing that you were adopted yourself. wow, you and Leah will get to share this beautiful thing together!

  4. I didn't realize you were adopted either. Hopefully that will be a comfort to Leah that you "get it" in a way I won't be able to for my child. But I'll try my hardest and pray. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. I've been praying for our child, our child's birthmom and all the different care takers in our child's life a lot lately. I'm not sure if our child has been born but if not yet then probably soon, it brings up so many thoughts and questions.

  5. I think of Ben's birth mother daily and hope that she is well.

    It will be such a blessing to Leah to share adoption with you. You will truly be able to understand some of the things she will be going through.

  6. It is so hard thinking about what a birth mother goes through and how they said goodbye. So many emotions.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this! Sometimes I'm in awe of how simultaneously wonderful and devastating adoption can be. Leah is lucky that her family includes a mother with a very big heart!




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