Friday, December 3, 2010


Our dossier went to Korea 7 months ago today. I know, my blog is all about numbers lately. But it is all that is on my mind. I never thought I would be waiting this long. :(
Seven is God's perfect number. I hope the number has special meaning for us this Christmas season. We love you, little Leah. And I hope you are out there, being loved and cared for until we can get you. They say time just melts away when you get that phone call. I pray it does, because this is really hard.


  1. It has GOT to be soon! Hang in there and try to enjoy the Christmas season with your boys. Next year you'll have 3 treasures to spoil, this year try to concentrate on them. So hard, I know!

  2. Ring, phone, ring!! Praying for a special Christmas gift this holiday season for you and your famiy!

  3. You must be so close. Come on phone...ring! (It took us 7 1/2 months to receive our referral from the time our paperwork was sent to Korea.)



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