Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How adoption has made me a loon.........

I am refusing to send out my Christmas cards until I get my referral because I am determined that this year I will have my daughter's picture to put in there. So, if you receive a Christmas card from me, it will be because my husband has taken it upon himself to send them. And we all know that would never happen in a MILLION years. :)
Just another way adoption has turned me into a loon.


  1. ha! love it... but hate it at the same time! RING PHONE!

  2. I was originally thinking of being slow on the Christmas cards - hoping for a referral picture, but I changed my mind. You have a chance - they just may be New Year's Eve Cards by the time you send them out if you get the referral on the 23rd...

  3. I do hope you hear something soon!!

  4. Way to go! I was feeling pissed off myself when I sent my christmas cards out this year thinking that I'm not even giving an update in my cards because it's so irritating how long it takes. I should have had more sense and not mentioned it in last years card...people just keep asking and asking, HOW much longer. It's like the last month of never ends!!

  5. I can TOTALLY relate. I actually just went and had a picture printed of the baby that we are pretty close to being able to call our own so that I can take my kid's picture holding it, just in case we get the go ahead in the next week or so!! Of course I can't take that picture until we know FOR SURE lest my 3 year old or 6 year old completely spill the beans!



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