Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love..... a dedication to my baby

Baby girl, I love you.
I love your sweet Asian eyes
I love the dimples you will have when you smile
I love the soft tufts of your hair, that one day I will stroke when I rock you to sleep
I love how soft your heart will be
I love how you will come to me because another made the ultimate sacrifice
I love how with every breath you take, you will be a miracle
I love how with each long day that goes by, I know your heart beats on the other side of the world
I love that God purposed you for our family
I love that before you were created, He knew you
I love that loving you reminds me of just how much I was loved by my birth mother
I love that you are bringing the light of adoption into the world
I love that I dream of you at night
I love that one day I will see your sweet face, and remember you from my dreams
I love that I am getting to experience this
I love how when I hold your big brother, I try to imagine what you will feel like
I love how each moment with my boys, and the love I feel for them, reminds me just how blessed I am that I will get to experience this with another child
I love how when I see a pink outfit, I think of how sweet you would look in it
I love that you have a closet full of clothes bought and given to you with love
I love how loving you for this long will make my first glimpse of you that much sweeter
I love how loving you has brought me close to many others with hearts on fire for the children of Korea and all over the world
I love that when I hold you for the first time, it will all be worth it
I love that I will get to experience meeting you for the first time with your Daddy
I love to imagine the look in your Daddy's eyes after he lays eyes on you for the first time
I love that God wrote your name on my heart


  1. Beautiful. Leah, we're all anxious to see your beautiful face!

  2. very sweet...i hope hope you have your sweet referral--much sooner than you could have expected!

  3. Tears! So sweet. Beautiful words. Praying for a super speedy referral...



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