Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{ I just love her }

Just a few reasons why I can't get enough:

1) She smiles when I walk into her room in the morning and holds her hand up to me

2) She carries around any and every small object she can fit in her hands. Most times her fists are full of crumpled paper, a toy car and a prized coin she pulled out of my purse. (eeeek)

2) She is super curious about everything, which I consider a major sign of intelligence ;)

3) She LOVES to eat. Almost anything I give her. And she always devours my dinner while the boys will sometimes question my cooking

4) She smiles really big at Daddy and melts his heart

5) She smiles really big at the boys (as long as they let her have their toys :) )

6) She has two little bottom teeth, which are kidna crooked, but that makes me love her more

7) She laughs when I put my finger in her mouth and pretend to be shocked when she chomps down. We do this game many times a day just so I can hear that sweet giggle

8) She loves the water. Bathtime, pooltime, water table time, toilet water (ok, so that is not cool but she thinks the toilet is an indoor water table for her) !

9) She get super angry when I remove her from her beloved bath every night. Which is why she manages to smear every piece of food from breakfast, lunch or dinner into her hair assuring her more than one bath a day. :) I love that she does that, too!

10) She is starting to take her first steps and after she does she looks right at me while I clap for her and she grins really big. She is proud of herself as she should be!

11) I love that we got to SEE her first step!

13) I love that she gives me kisses with her whole mouth open and just kinda sucks on whatever part of my face her mouth lands on. Super cute.

14) I love that she has tiny dimples in her cheeks that I see when she grins really big

15) I love that I NEVER get enough of my sweet girl.

16) I love that I am her Mommy and I can call her my daughter, forever.

17) I love that wherever we go, people see her and just grin. :)

18) I love that she lays her head on my shoulder when I rock her at night.

19) I love how she magically has settled into our family and I can hardly remember life without Annelise

20) I love that my when I threw her in the air for this picture, I was bathed in the warm sun, looking at my girl smile, thinking about what a blessed Mama I am. And I am. Blessed.


  1. SO happy she is doing well! I have been the worst blogger but I know you get it! LOL!!



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