Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Thank you for all the positive feedback to my honest post. I was nervous writing it, but my feelings are strong, and I had to put it out there, if only to maybe help another fellow ap feel they are not alone. I love hearing the wonders of how after even 9 months home, sweet personalities still are emerging. It shows just how hard these babies love. Sweet babies. How I wish every baby could have their forever family right from the start. But so thankful for the loving foster parents Annelise had. You can tell she was loved and adored. Today Annelise went to her first Dr. Visit. She is 19 lbs.28 inches. Poor baby had 2 shots and cried. It about broke my heart, which actually told me a lot about how I am totally falling for her. I hated seeing her hurt. I wanted to just take those dumb shots for her which is exactly how I felt when the boys got immunized. So boo for shots, yea for realizing new feelings! More later with cute pictures of our weekend at the park. First post placement visit in 2 days!


  1. And thank you for being honest! All of us still waiting for a referral need to know what to expect. I totally appreciate the honesty and I can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Please continue with the honesty! I'm getting a little freaked out now and then but it's helpful!
    So happy her dr. appt. went well (except for shots - but they're necessary). Yay for feeling so protective! Mommy steps! :) Praying for you!

  3. I already emailed you about this, but feel from to PM me if you want to talk about this more - I didn't dare mention it in my blog since I'm just not comfortable with that level of honesty (my family reads it...). Glad to hear that the appt was a success, if not painful :(

  4. We are JUST starting on our journey to adopt from Taiwan and I TRULY appreciate your honesty. It's so helpful for my husband and I to have ideas of what to be prepared for, so thank you!

    Brooke Annessa



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